Jenelle Evans Says She Wants To Get Back On Teen Mom Following Dave Eason Split

Jenelle Evans Says She Wants To Get Back On Teen Mom Following Dave Eason Split
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According to a report from TMZ, Jenelle Evans is "desperate" to get herself back onto MTV's Teen Mom following her split from David Eason. Reportedly, the reality star's bank account has run out. Sources close to the MTV star said she wasn't financially ready to split up with David after he allegedly killed their family dog.

Even though Evans created a cosmetics line, it didn't become quite as successful as she had hoped, and thus, is in need of more money. Reportedly, Jenelle, who just began her divorce with David Eason, is trying to speak with executives in New York City.

As for how she intends to convince MTV to rehire her, TMZ claims Jenelle approached the execs with the claim that she was a massive cause of ratings when she was on the show. Additionally, due to the recent drama with her husband and their family dog, it's quite probable the ratings will climb with her presence.

Evans reportedly told the execs that people who don't know anything about the reality series know her name. Moreover, she purportedly said to them that she should be treated fairly because she didn't do anything wrong; it was her husband.

The reality star allegedly thinks it would be a great decision to be back on the TV screen for the holidays, including Christmas and Thanksgiving. Furthermore, being without her ex-husband will make for an entertaining reality television series.

As it was previously reported, Jenelle revealed this past Thursday that she filed the paperwork to end her relationship with David. As it was noted in passing above, David Eason reportedly killed their family dog near the beginning of the year because it snapped at their children.

The incident caused a massive controversy both in the entertainment news outlets, as well as on social media. Moreover, sources claim this incident played a crucial role in the demise of Jenelle and David's relationship.

On social media, Mr. Eason reportedly defended his actions by stating that he would do whatever he had to do to protect his young family, including if it meant putting their dog down.


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