Meek Mill Gushes Over Ellen DeGeneres And She Responds

Meek Mill Gushes Over Ellen DeGeneres And She Responds
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Meek Mill gushed over Ellen DeGeneres with a cute post on his social media account. The gorgeous lady responded right away.

You may have seen Ellen's show in which Cardi B was a guest, as well. Ellen said that she's Ellen E.

Ellen E sported a blonde wig and a pair of really big boobs which were even praised by Cardi, who said that Ellen's are softer than hers, and she needs to talk to the cosmetic surgeon about this.

Anyway, here's Meek's post and Ellen's response:

Someone said: 'She loves putting on them fake boobs!!!! Lol!!! I love Ellen!' and another follower also gushed over her: 'How can you not love Ellen?! 🤗🤗'

A follower posted this: 'Meek hate lacefronts 🤣🤣' and someone else also threw shade on him: 'He needs to gtf could’ve sworn he don’t approve of lace fronts.'

There were all kinds of jokes regarding Ellen's comment and someone wanted to shed some light: 'Lol these comments 😂, she’s wearing artificial breasts, guys lol.'

Ellen was recently in the spotlight again when, a couple of weeks ago, during an episode of  The Ellen DeGeneres Show,  the beloved daytime talk show host surprised her guest Howard Stern  with a vow renewal ceremony for him and his wife of 11 years, Beth.

It's also been revealed that this ceremony came just after Stern re-proposed to Beth on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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