Cyn Santana Reveals The Postpartum Depression She Endured After Giving Birth

Cyn Santana Reveals The Postpartum Depression She Endured After Giving Birth
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After Cyn Santana had her first child with Joe Budden in 2017, Lexington, the reality star reportedly endured postpartum depression, BET recently reported. Santana recently explained that even though she considers her 2-year-old child the love of her life, she wasn't prepared for the emotional toll pregnancy would have on her.

During last year's season of Love and Hip-Hop: New York , Santana revealed to her man of the time, Joe, that she had been dealing with depression.

Postpartum depression is a mental and emotional condition stemming from the after-effects of childbirth. The medical community believes it has to do with hormonal changes. On her Instagram account, the reality star shared her candid thoughts on what it was like to deal with the emotional rollercoaster.

Cyn wrote on her account that women can get through it, despite the "many layers to it." The reality star explained there are a variety of hurdles and changes, including the physical, mental, and hormonal. The star added that she would start with the "spirit first," however.

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According to Cyn, she managed to get through it by practicing patience, self-care, and prayer. She urged her followers to continue fighting because it would eventually get better. Additionally, she shared that it was a good move to educate oneself.

Santana emphasized that it was crucial to avoid too much alone time. To surround oneself with good people and positive energy is part of what makes it easier to cope, Cyn explained. While adding to her thoughts on the idea of self-care, the reality star said she just had to take some "self-care, me-time."

Taking time out of one's day to make oneself feel good is crucial. And lastly, she explained that if you're really struggling, seeking out professional help could be a good way to help. She said, however, that she didn't take drugs or medicine because she doesn't believe in it.

Cyn has gone through a lot over the last two years, including giving birth to her first child and also breaking off her engagement with Joe Budden.

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