Cyn Santana Gave A Weak Response To Criticism Over Her VMA's Look And Fans Came For Her On The Internet

Some stars have some interesting choices in the clothing their wear to award shows. […]

Posted on Aug 30, 2022 9:17 PM

Cyn Santana Responds After Erica Mena Allegedly Left Hate Comments On Her Page

Cyn Santana is responding following some events involving Erica Mena. It was alleged that […]

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Cyn Santana Laughs At Social Media User Who Confused Rapper Common For Joe Budden

The idea that the rapper, Common, and Joe Budden look somewhat similar is a […]

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Joe Budden Addresses Abuse Allegations Made By Cyn Santana And More Recent Issues - See The Clips

Just the other day, it was revealed that Cyn Santana decided to address a […]

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Joe Budden Addresses Abuse And Sick Dog Rumors As He Reveals Who Leaked Audio And Papers

Joe Budden is having the absolute worst time in the media for the past […]

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Cyn Santana Addresses The Leaked Audio Of Her And Joe Budden

You are probably aware of the fact that there's been a leaked audio of […]

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Cyn Santana Reveals The Postpartum Depression She Endured After Giving Birth

After Cyn Santana had her first child with Joe Budden in 2017, Lexington, the […]

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Cyn Santana Is Forced To Explain Why She Said Black Men Prefer Latinas Over Black Women

Cyn Santana had some serious explaining and apologizing to do after making some rather […]

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Cyn Santana Says She Has No Regrets Over Breaking Up With Joe Budden For These Reasons

While some fans of Cyn Santana questioned her decision to break up with Joe […]

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Joe Budden Admits To Cat-Fishing Guys From His Girlfriend's Phone

According to a report from, Joe Budden recently told a hilarious story regarding […]

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