Cyn Santana Gave A Weak Response To Criticism Over Her VMA's Look And Fans Came For Her On The Internet

Cyn Santana Gave A Weak Response To Criticism Over Her VMA's Look And Fans Came For Her On The Internet
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Some stars have some interesting choices in the clothing their wear to award shows. Most stars chose to get a fashion stylist and rock the red carpet. However, sometimes a fashion crime can happen at the award ceremonies according to fans.

According to recent reports, fans did not enjoy Cyn Santana ’s look at the recent 2022 Video Music Awards. Cyn has always had a unique style however this time, fans did not seem to enjoy the outfit she was wearing.

For the ceremony, Cyn was photographed wearing a dress that featured the body of a woman in an orange bikini. To top off the dress, she chose to wear a long red-orange leather coat to pull the look together. For shoes, she wore some black leather open-toed boots that went up to her thighs.

To complete the look, she wore silver jewelry with a dainty silver necklace and big silver hoops. She carried a black purse with her with a silver chain. She also had streaks of color on the front of her hair in the color orange.

The choice of dressing was unique however it seems fans were ruthless to her on social media. Many fans criticized her look and said that while she was pretty, this outfit was not doing justice to her. Other fans said that she looked like a rainbow in her ensemble.

Many fans discussed where she could have gotten the outfit from with many guessing the famous fashion brand Fashion Nova. However, others seemed to think the outfit would have come from Shein.

Santana was not unaware of the hate that she had been receiving. She replied to the hate comments on her Instagram story with the statement “To those talking s—, I’m glad you got Wifi in your mama’s basement bitch.”

This response had many fans laughing at how weak it was. Many felt it was lacking and instead of feeling hurt, advised her to find a stylist next time.

The response was also made fun of because it insinuated that her fans were poor. The fans were not happy about her insinuation and called it old-fashioned.

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