Joe Budden Addresses Abuse And Sick Dog Rumors As He Reveals Who Leaked Audio And Papers

Joe Budden Addresses Abuse And Sick Dog Rumors As He Reveals Who Leaked Audio And Papers
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Joe Budden is having the absolute worst time in the media for the past two weeks. Now, the podcast pioneer has to face more sickening rumors.

Yesterday, audio of Joe and Cyn Santana speaking about the end of their relationship leaked. In it, she accused him of physically assaulting.

To make matters worse, a clip of him speaking about masturbating his dogs went viral. In addition to unofficial papers where Santana speaks on the disturbing actions and how she allegedly doesn't want Budden kissing their son on the lips.

Cyn took to social media to say that she takes mental health, her family, and her son very seriously and that the audio was leaked by someone she considered a friend.

This morning, Budden took to Instagram Live to speak for himself and to point the finger at who leaked the audio.

Budden started off: 'I love dogs, hopefully you guys do too. I love animals. I love my dogs who died. Rest in peace to Brooklyn and Harlem. They're turning in their grave reading all this bulls***.'

'You guys said I beat women up... again. You guys said that I f***** my dog and it was heavy on me yesterday. So Raqi with her slimy, nasty f***** a** slithered her way into a very vulnerable, impressionable, hurt, and emotional Cynthia [Santana] and she was managing her. She started her management company. She was directing videos, she was up on Dyckman. I didn't say a word. During this time, there were threats to take me to court for child support.'

He went on to explain that Cyn was recording the conversation along with Raqi Thunda. He also said that he didn't hear Cynthia say exactly what she needed to say when she needed to say it but she, instead, called up lawyers and PR.

Raqi has denied the rumors.

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