Christie Brinkley And Daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook Are Beach Babes In New Instagram Photos

Christie Brinkley And Daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook Are Beach Babes In New Instagram Photos
Credit: Instagram

Supermodel Christie Brinkley and her daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook are heating up Instagram in a new series of photos of them hanging out on the beach in bikinis.

At age 65, Christie is proving she has still got it and could be her 20-year-old daughter's sister, not her mother. Good looks definitely run in the Brinkley family! Both ladies are not afraid to show off their killer assets on the beach, which has social media losing their minds over the gorgeous photos.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model gave a nod to her glory days laying on the beach in a black bikini, posing for several pictures that looked straight out of the famous magazine. Last month Christie credited eating clean and healthy with helping her maintain her youthful looks, as well as her desire to change the age stigmatism in the modeling world.

Not long after her famous mother proved she had not lost her supermodel ways, Sailor decided to use Instagram to show the apple does not fall far from the tree. Rocking a purple bikini, the young woman is hanging on the beach soaking up some rays, in what could easily be a spread for Sports Illustrated . In another set of photos, Sailor takes a dip in the beautiful ocean.

"7am, still half asleep, coffee cup waiting for me in the sand, living my best damn life," the blonde beauty captions the pictures of her in the water.

It is not clear if the two bevy beauties are on vacation together or if they just happened to post the same type of photos around the same time. Chances are it is a family vacation. Otherwise, the timing of the pictures would be a little weird.

Sailor Brinkley Cook and mom Christine Brinkley are heating up Instagram with their hot beach bikini pictures. They have not posed together, nor has either even mentioned the other one on social media.

However, Christie has shared a couple of photos of her oldest daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, whose dad is, of course, the famous Billy Joel. The proud mother posted a nice shot of her and Alexa, using their fun nicknames for each other at what appears to be some sort of island resort.

Although Sailor has not posed or posted anything regarding her older sister, Alexa has commented on all of her young siblings' gorgeous images.


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