Lisa Vanderpump Argues That Her Lie Detector Test Proves Her Innocence In The 'PuppyGate' Drama '1000 Percent'

Lisa Vanderpump Argues That Her Lie Detector Test Proves Her Innocence In The 'PuppyGate' Drama '1000 Percent'
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Lisa Vanderpump chose to take a  lie detector test for a reason and now she thinks that it’s enough to finally end the whole PuppyGate drama since it’s proven her innocence ‘1000 percent!’ As fans know, last week, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took the polygraph test but the results are still to be revealed.

Regardless, the star is very confident and cannot wait to finally put an end to the accusations against her.

During an interview with ET, Lisa stated that ‘If you are shouting to the rooftops - if someone says to you, did you do it? You say no. Did you do it? You say no, and you say no. I swear on my kids' life. No. I mean I am a religious woman, everybody knows.'

‘So, for me to hold my children up and say, 'I swear on my children’s lives,' that should be enough. To me, if someone said that, I would say, 'OK, that’s it.' So, the fact that it’s still, 'We do not believe you,' it’s like, OK. And John Sessa said, 'Take a lie detector test.' So I said, 'You know what? Yeah, why not? I am not scared,’’ she went on to dish.

The celeb explained that, as far as she’s concerned, even only putting yourself through that should be enough proof she has been telling the truth.

After all, what guilty person would decide to take a polygraph test?

Regardless, when the first footage of this new storyline aired, Lisa’s co-stars still stated that they wouldn’t believe the results anyway, so it looks like not everyone is following her logic.

Still, Lisa told the news outlet that she doesn’t really care since it was so wonderful to hear afterwards that 'Yeah, 1,000 percent you’re telling the truth.’


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  • Debra There's Rappoport
    Debra There's Rappoport May 21, 2019 9:27 PM PDT

    Lisa Vanderpump takes a lie detector test to prove her innocence and it's not good enough to her two-faced co-stars! The guilty person who actually told radaronline showed it tonight @ pre wedding dinner , you could see the shocked look!

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