Denise Richards Shuts Down Rumors That She Will Never Return To The Show ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ (RHOBH)

Denise Richards Shuts Down Rumors That She Will Never Return To The Show ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ (RHOBH)
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris

The show “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” has always remained a fan favorite. The show is packed with drama and reality stars that the fans adore. Fans were heartbroken when Denise Richards left the show after clashing with another reality star, Lisa Rinna.

However, while the world may think Denise won’t ever be joining the show again, Denise herself denies these rumors. Denise first joined the show for the ninth and tenth seasons however she did leave afterward. Now it seems she’s ready to come back with a bang.

The public has been talking about her leave from the show for a while. However, while addressing these rumors, she made it very clear that she would come back on the show even if Lisa Rinna was still on it. According to Denise, Rinna had apologized and the two had decided to put the past in the past. She did however say after the whole drama, she and Rinna would never be able to be close friends again.

The situation between Rinna and Richards came to be because Rinna had called Richards a liar and stated that she was having a secret relationship with Brandi Glanville. After this hefty allegation, it seemed as if Denise Richards was deeply offended and would not come back on the show.

The two now stand at a point where Denise claims that she has no problem both working and filming with Lisa. Denise has also spoken up about her time at the RHOBH show and how much she has enjoyed her time there.

According to her, she says “I don’t regret going on the show. I loved working. I love the moments that we had traveling and dinners with each other. And there’s a great camaraderie with the womanhood on the show. And that’s something that I think is positive.”

With Denise saying that she might be returning to the show, a new hope has awoken in fans who want to see their favorite reality star back on television again.

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