Spencer Pratt Took To TikTok To Say That Lisa Kudrow Was The Worst Celebrity He’s Ever Met

Spencer Pratt Took To TikTok To Say That Lisa Kudrow Was The Worst Celebrity He’s Ever Met
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Trends on the popular video platform TikTok happen every day. Most people adore watching the lives of others and they love watching new takes on the trends. A recent trend of exposing the rudest celebrity you’ve ever met emerged on the platform which led to a series of events.

First Jojo Siwa took to the platform to declare Candace Cameron Blue the worst celebrity she ever met. This caused a riot on social media. Following the trend, Spencer Pratt also decided to expose the worst celebrity he had ever met and the answer brought fans into shock.

According to Spencer Pratt, the worst celebrity is Lisa Kudrow . He did not offer more information as to why he thought this was the case but the video itself blew up at the time.

Comments from all kinds of fans could be seen on his TikTok. While some were genuinely concerned about why he thought she was the worst, the humor side of people peeked out more in the comments.

Comments like “You must’ve met her twin sister Ursula because it could’ve never been phoebe's” and “I had a professor who worked at Disneyland and he said Lisa Kudrow was rude and entitled and demanded to let her whole party cut in line for a ride” graced the TikTok.

Many of the comments also questioned how this opinion came about to be. Fans could not believe that their beloved actress was being talked about in such a way. Spencer Pratt did promise his fans that if the video would hit one million views, then he would share his story.

And the video did hit one million views recently after which fans reminded Spencer of his promise. However, he has not yet responded to the fan’s demands however fans are adamant to know what happened between Lisa Kudrow and Spencer Pratt.

The situation itself seems a little dramatic however fans are simply curious as to what led to these circumstances between the two.

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