Christie Brinkley Claims She Turned Down A Role On "Christmas Vacation" For This Reason

Christie Brinkley Claims She Turned Down A Role On "Christmas Vacation" For This Reason
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Christie Brinkley luckily secured a big hit in Hollywood on the big screen with the 1983 hit, National Lampoon's Vacation , however, she turned down the role to appear in the sequel six years later. According to the 64-year-old model, she was "asked to be in Christmas Vacation."

The star, while speaking with Us Weekly, claimed she chose not to appear in the sequel at the behest of her late father, Don. He told her she was far more versatile than what was needed for appearing in movies like Christmas Vacation. 

The star said to Us, "He said, 'Gee, I would hate to see you get typecast in that kind of ingenue role.'" For that reason, she had decided he was correct, so she never took it on.

However, the American Beauty Star judge said it's now one of her biggest career regrets. Brinkley said it was so much fun to hang around comedians because it's such a pleasure to hang around people who tell jokes for a living.

Following her decision not to appear in the Christmas edition of the show, Christie appeared as the "girl in the red Ferrari" in the 1997 edition, Vegas Vacation.

Moreover, she has continued to make fun of her characters in a number of different TV commercials over the years. Despite the fact Christie never appeared in the movie, it was a big hit.

Admittedly, Christie said she was certain it would've been the same kind of role, in which she would've had a lot of fun working alongside Chevy Chase. But she had to decline at the time, for fear of being typecast - a real concern for actors and actresses in the entertainment business.

While Christie Brinkley's career declined in Hollywood in the 1990s, she has a net worth of around $250,000,000 due to her various companies, products, and affiliations.

Christie's heyday in Hollywood and in the fashion industry was in the 1970s and the 1980s. With that said, however, Christie had one of the longest-running contracts with a cosmetics company, Covergirl, in history.

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