Cardi B Posts Support For Kamala Harris Again

Cardi B Posts Support For Kamala Harris Again
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Not long ago, it was revealed in the mainstream media that Joe Biden had officially become the president-elect following the 2020 election against Donald Trump. In case you missed it, the state of Pennsylvania was officially called for the former vice president (under the Obama administration).

Reportedly, Biden won more than enough electoral votes to win the presidency. For many, this marks a return to "normalcy," in the sense that Donald Trump was easily one of the most controversial presidents in recent memory.

Even though the Trump campaign has filed multiple lawsuits against states around the United States, including Pennsylvania, Biden and Kamala's supporters have been elated at the news of Joe's win.

One of them was Cardi B , who took to her Instagram to share a video of Harris dancing along to one of the rapper's songs. Fans of Cardi B know she has been very politically active on social media over the last few years, especially after Trump became the president-elect near the ending of 2015.

Cardi B, of course, has been in the news headlines for other reasons lately, including when it was announced that she and Offset, the Migos member, had started their divorce proceedings. Initially, it was claimed Cardi was going to try and get spousal and child support from Offset, but she later rescinded her petition.

Just a few weeks later, and it was reported that Cardi B and Offset had started seeing each other again. In fact, Cardi and the Migos member found themselves in trouble with the law after the rapper's cousin allegedly waved a gun outside of his vehicle in front of a bunch of Trump supporters.

It was later revealed that Cardi B and Offset were never actually arrested. However, Offset was detained for reasons that haven't been explained since. Interestingly, a few days later, the New York Post reported that Offset wasn't actually from the "hood," and actually grew up middle class.


During his conversation with The Post, Offset's step-father claimed Offset never actually talked the way that he does in public, while at home.

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