Tupac Shakur's Step-Father Mutulu Denied Release From Prison

Tupac Shakur's Step-Father Mutulu Denied Release From Prison
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A new report from Vlad TV revealed today that the step-father of Tupac Shakur , Mutulu Shakur, 68, won't be getting out of prison. Shakur has been behind bars for many years, and he's currently serving a 60-year sentence for his involvement in robberies that led to the death of three people, including a guard and two cops.

Shakur and his legal team filed a motion in a court of law asking for a compassionate release on account of the coronavirus pandemic. As most know, this wouldn't be the first time an inmate tried to get out of prison using the virus as a reason.

Regarding Shakur's case, Judge Charles S. Haight Junior claimed Skakur's current medical condition didn't warrant an early release, especially in relation to what he did to get behind bars in the first place. The judge wrote in the ruling that Shakur and his legal team could file a motion in the future if his condition worsened.

However, it will be up to the judge of the time to determine whether he should get out of prison or not. Additionally, Shakur's lawyers claimed he would be moving back in with his son, Mopreme Shakur, and Mopreme would be the one taking care of him.


Mutulu's lawyers argued in their motion that Mr. Shakur has been a force of positivity behind bars, and he has been committed to bettering himself. Additionally, they claimed Mutulu managed to improve the lives of others in the prison system.

In their statement, they claimed Shakur has shown remorse and empathy for the families of the victims and the victims themselves. As a result, Shakur has learned the importance of coming to non-violent solutions and has taught other men behind bars to do the same thing.

Even though Shakur and his lawyers urged for his early release, the judge disagreed and said justice wouldn't be served unless he stayed behind bars for the rest of his sentence.


This comes after a former prison warden and Bobby Rush, a congressman, claimed Shakur was not a danger to anyone outside of the prison walls. Reportedly, Mutulu will get out of prison in December of 2024.

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