Wolfgang Van Halen Posts Commemoration For Late Father Eddie Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen Posts Commemoration For Late Father Eddie Van Halen
Credit: Source: Radio.com

The death of Eddie Van Halen took much of the world by surprise. As most know, Eddie Van Halen , the lead and only guitarist of the band Van Halen, passed away earlier this year after a long and complicated struggle with cancer.

On his account today, Wolfgang Van Halen, the iconic rocker's son, claimed that he missed "everything." On Friday, Today picked up on the young bass player's IG post in which he paid tribute to his fallen father who died earlier last month.

Wolfgang went on to say in his post that "not a second goes by" when he doesn't think about his father. As it was previously reported, Eddie Van Halen, 65, died in October after he fought against cancer.

Van Halen added in his post that his father was easily one of the best dads he could've ever asked for. "My heart is broken," the bass player added, before going on to say that he would never fully recover from his father's death.

According to Today, Eddie only had one child while he was alive, Wolfgang Van Halen, whom he had with Valerie Bertinelli. Eddie was married to Valerie from 1981 until 2007. Since the news of his death was revealed, Eddie Van Halen's ex-wife has also paid tribute to him online.


Bertinelli wrote on her account that Eddie gave her the "one true light" in her life, which just so happened to be their son together. Valerie says Eddie never lost his "impish grin" even as he was fighting against cancer.

Just this past month, Wolfgang addressed rumors floating around the internet that he would replace his father. A Wolfgang fan page claimed there was a "good possibility" that the band would continue - without Eddie - and with Wolfgang as the replacement.


Wolfgang wrote in response to the rumors that it was just a "sh*t lie" and it was a result of someone trying to "capitalize" on his father's death. He went on to demand the fan page to stop because it was hurting him and his family.


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