Conflict Erupted Between Eddie Van Halen And Fred Durst A New Book Claims - Eddie Reportedly Pulled A Gun On Him

Conflict Erupted Between Eddie Van Halen And Fred Durst A New Book Claims - Eddie Reportedly Pulled A Gun On Him
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A new book from Andrew Bennett - who spent three years working alongside Eddie Van Halen - told an interesting story of the legendary guitar player's behavior between the period of 2004 and 2007. Page Six claims the book tells a tale of how Eddie once pulled a gun on the Limp Bizkit frontman, Fred Durst.

Andrew's new novel documents his life and time working alongside the guitarist. The book features a few stories from Eddie himself, including the aforementioned conflict.

According to Ultimate Rock Classics, a record executive told Van Halen that he and Fred Durst should work together. At the time, Limp Bizkit's career was taking off in a huge way but apparently didn't take their band's success that seriously. Bennett says that Durst thought the situation was funny.

Bennet claims he said, "that would be hilarious," because Limp Bizkit was one of the "worst bands ever" and Eddie was one of the greatest guitar players ever. Unfortunately, the jam session between the men didn't go down as planned.

Reportedly, without any of his gear, Eddie got up and left after Durst and his friends started smoking weed. Eddie supposedly said it was like a "scholar" working around "kindergartners."

After trying to get some of his gear back from Durst, and several ignored phone calls, Van Halen drove to Durst's home in an assault vehicle that he bought from a military auction. Eddie drove the vehicle throughout Los Angeles and into Beverly Hills where Durst was practicing.

When Eddie jumped out of his vehicle, he had a piece of rope holding up his pants and combat boots fastened with duct tape. Not only that, but the guitar player brandished a handgun. After Eddie put the gun to his red hat, Fred Durst's employee ran to get his stuff.

On another note, Van Halen took Bennett to court to stop him from releasing a documentary about the band, TMZ claims. Ironically, Van Halen has gone down in history as one of the most legendary groups of all time. The same thing, unfortunately, can't be said for Limp Bizkit's legacy.

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