Wolfgang Van Halen Does His First Interview Since The Death Of His Father Eddie

Wolfgang Van Halen Does His First Interview Since The Death Of His Father Eddie
Credit: Source: CBSNews.com

The rock community suffered a big blow this year with the death of Eddie Van Halen , arguably one of the most iconic rock guitarists of all time. Page Six picked up on a new interview with Wolfgang Van Halen, the shredder's son, while on The Howard Stern Show.

As it was previously reported by a number of outlets, Eddie passed away back in October of this year. "I'm awful," the 29-year-old bassist explained to the host of the Howard Stern Show . Wolfgang said it was "terrible" and each day was different.

He admitted that while "some days" were better than others, he was still struggling to feel better about his father's passing. Wolfgang admitted it was "always gonna hurt" even though he'll slowly get over it a little bit more every single day.

Fans of Van Halen now Wolfgang first replaced the band's bassist, Michael Anthony, back in 2006. Following his joining of the group, Eddie and Wolfgang started playing together during live shows and they also made music together on a regular basis.

Wolfgang explained how that is what was difficult about it; it was a "gift" and a "curse" at the same time because now he won't be able to think about his father, in the same way, no matter what he does. He and his dad had such an intimate connection as a result of their shared passions, in addition to their biological relation.

With all that said, Wolfgang said he had no interest in taking his father's place because it simply wasn't possible. In case you missed it, Wolfgang already addressed the rumors that he would be replacing his father in his own band.

He claimed the idea was "f*cking stupid" and would never happen. Wolfgang also demanded fans to stop coming up with such rumors because it harmed not only the band's legacy but his feelings. Wolfgang went on to say that he wasn't "his dad;" he is his own person.


Van Halen is now "done," Wolfgang explained because, without his father, the group is finished, other than maybe a tribute concert sometime in the future.


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