RHOA: Cynthia Bailey Rumored To Be Moving To LA -- Permanently!

RHOA: Cynthia Bailey Rumored To Be Moving To LA -- Permanently!
Credit: Source: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion that was filmed Thursday addressed a variety of topics. Rumor has it that Cynthia Bailey may be leaving the franchise because of her upcoming wedding to Mike Hill.

The two have been maintaining a bi-coastal relationship for a few years now. Of course, the wedding will be filmed for the show during the next season (depending on the post-quarantine climate if weddings are even allowed that soon); however, sources are saying that after she ties the knot -- she will say goodbye to Atlanta.

RHOA viewers already know that both Mike and her daughter Noelle live in LA. She had a conversation with Eva Marcille during a recent episode where she talked about Mike's new ventures and his desire to live with her full-time.


'I have this vision in my mind, but Mike has an opinion about everything. It's not like I can be like, wear this, walk this way, cut your hair like this; he's not that dude. The show that he's on is doing really well, so I don't think that's going anywhere. Right now, honestly, I'm spending most of my time in Los Angeles.'

She went on to say: 'Mike's whole issue has always been, I don't want to get married and not be in the same house with my wife.'

A source close to Cynthia claims that although she recently opened the Bailey Wine Cellar, she has her sister to run the place for her. She doesn't have much in Atlanta tying her down except the show and Lake Bailey. Ultimately, she will choose her marriage over the show and can always visit Lake Bailey.


So where does this leave her reality TV career? As rumors float around about Cynthia detaching, a popular RHOA fan page suggested that she join the Beverly Hills girls.

Do you think the model is nearing the end of her run on Atlanta?


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