Patty Smyth Reflects On Her Chance At Singing For Van Halen

Patty Smyth Reflects On Her Chance At Singing For Van Halen
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Following the news of Eddie Van Halen's death , many celebrities have come out and paid tribute to the fallen guitarist who died after a long battle with throat cancer. Patty Smyth, the former singer for the band, Scandal, found success not only as a member of Scandal but also in her solo career.

Now, Smyth is 63-years-old and she recently shared some of her greatest memories of Eddie Van Halen as well as what has worked out so well between her and her husband, John McEnroe. The New York Post asked her how she was doing today, and Patty said she felt "pretty bummed out" about the news.

According to the singer, she and Van Halen performed together in the 1980s when Eddie was married to Valerie Bertinelli at the time. She claims that Valerie was a big fan of her band, and she dragged him out to one of their shows to see them live.

Apparently, Eddie was impressed by the group and they later went on a short tour together. Smyth stated that she and the rest of the band stayed up for a few days and jammed, laughed, and had a lot of drinks as well.

Smyth claims that Eddie even performed a version of the song, "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough," and she still has a copy of it today. Reportedly, Eddie once asked her to sing for the band but she said no for a couple of reasons.

One is that she felt it was simply not the right time, however, she later went on to regret that decision for a few years, especially after Van Halen became a huge band with hit after hit. According to Smyth, it was complicated because Eddie asked her while she was 8-months-pregnant.

According to Patty, Eddie said to her that he couldn't tell anyone about asking her because he didn't want to make Sammy Hagar feel like he was asked second.

As it was previously reported on Tuesday this week, Eddie Van Halen was pronounced dead after a long battle with cancer. The New York Post was the first to report on an Instagram post from his wife, Janie, in which she commemorated the late guitar player.

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