Eddie Van Halen Reportedly Seeking Treatment For Throat Cancer In Germany

Eddie Van Halen Reportedly Seeking Treatment For Throat Cancer In Germany
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Rocker Eddie Van Halen is reportedly seeking treatment for throat cancer in Germany.

TMZ broke the news earlier today the Van Halen guitarist has been diagnosed with throat cancer. The outlet reported he has been battling the disease for the past five years. He has been enduring radiation in Germany as a form of treatment.

Van Halen has not responded to the story yet. The website reports his current battle stemmed from an initial tongue cancer diagnosis almost 20 years ago.

In 2000 the rocker shared doctors removed one-third of his tongue to fight the disease . He allegedly believes the cancer was caused by him using a metal pick for years that he would continuously put in his mouth while thinking.

According to TMZ , since then, cancer cells have "migrated down his throat." Doctors had reportedly been scrapping out the bad cells. Five years ago, though for some reason he was ordered by his doctors to begin radiation treatment. As for his current prognosis, sources close to him have shared he is doing okay.

"As for his current condition, there are lots of rumors, but people who know him say he seems to be doing okay at least on the surface," the insider revealed to the website.

Last September, David Lee Roth announced he was becoming the face of the legendary band, Van Halen. At the time, he did not reveal why Eddie was taking a step back from the group he found with his brother Alex Van Halen.

Roth's announcement makes a little more sense to fans now that the new of Eddie Van Halen’s throat cancer battle. Undergoing treatment, especially in another country certainly wouldn’t leave time for him to focus on the band.

Those close to the famed guitarist are keeping his throat cancer journey private. He has been married to Janie Liszewski since 2009. Liszewski nor his ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli or their son Wolfgang has spoken publicly regarding Van Halen's throat cancer.

However, the 64-year-old’s loved ones have reportedly rallied around him as he continues to fight the disease. Fans have expressed their concern for Van Halen on social media since the news of his battle broke.

Although he did post on Instagram today, it was about music from Jennifer Hope. His message did not stop fans from expresses their well-wishes for the famed guitarist.


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