Blac Chyna Scores Major Victory Against Rob Kardashian And His Famous Sisters

Blac Chyna Scores Major Victory Against Rob Kardashian And His Famous Sisters
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Blac Chyna is officially going to court to settle her lawsuit against Rob Kardashian and his famous sisters. A judge just awarded Chyna with a court date to settle her revenge porn claims against Rob, and the allegations that his sisters deliberately tried to get her reality show off the air.

In what is an early major victory, Judge Randolph M. Hammock is also forcing producers to hand over documentation that might prove the Kardashian sisters urged them to cancel Chyna's show, Rob & Chyna .

The reality show documented the couple's up-and-down romance and ended after only one season.

The parties are expected to be in court sometime in February of 2020.

Chyna's lawyer, Lynne M. Ciani, told Radar Online that her client could not be happier about the ruling and future trial date.

"Chyna is extremely happy that she will have her day in court," she stated. "This has been very hard fought, and we are very grateful that the judge sees the validity of our point."

Chyna claims that Rob distributed private materials that damaged her reputation. She also says Kris Jenner, along with Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner, deliberately interfered with her reality show just to get it canceled.

The model believes the family conspired to put Kylie's show in her time slot, which eventually led to producers canceling her series.

In emails included in the court documents, Kylie bashed Rob and Chyna's show and admitted that it should be canceled right away.

Kylie also confessed that Chyna was dating Rob so that she could have her own show and did not truly love him. She then told producers that she would add more episodes to Keeping Up With the Kardashians if they canceled Chyna's show.

The Kardashians have not responded to the latest developments regarding Blac Chyna's lawsuit.


With the case set for trial, the family has a difficult road ahead of them if they want to get out of this one without paying a large settlement.

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