Big Brother 21: Jackson Michie Alleged Domestic Assault Arrest Surfaces And Fans Are Fuming CBS Cast Him

Big Brother 21: Jackson Michie Alleged Domestic Assault Arrest Surfaces And Fans Are Fuming CBS Cast Him
Credit: Source CBS via YouTube

Big Brother 21 fans are fuming over the fact Jackson Michie was allegedly arrested for domestic assault and CBS still cast him on the show.

Michie has become one of the most hated Big Brother houseguests ever. His racist remarks and entitled southern boy charm have made him enemy number one for the fans this summer.

An arrest report is making the rounds on social media, igniting further disgust for Michie, as well as CBS who allowed a racist abuser to be on the reality TV show.

Newsweek is reporting purported arrest record is only from last year too. The controversial houseguest was arrested and charged with a count of domestic assault, as well as some other charges.

There are no details surrounding the arrest, including whether or not Michie was ever officially charged with a crime. Newsweek reached out to the Williamson County Sherriff's Office where the arrest took place but never received a response.

Former Big Brother houseguest Evil Dick was the one who first shared Michie's arrest on social media. Neither CBS nor Michie's family have commented on the report that has now gone viral on social media.

The name on the report is Jackson Michie. However, it has not been proven that it is 100% the same guy that is inside the Big Brother house right now.

One Reddit thread claims Michie shared details of his arrest with his first in house showmance, Kathryn Dunn.

Some fans though have done some digging, and the consensus it is him, and they are not happy he is on the summer show. Others believe it is all part of disgruntle fans attempt to shame Michie.

Those who believe it truly is Michie that was arrested are beyond angry with CBS for allowing Michie, a domestic abuser to be on the show. How did the casting department either not catch it or let him slide through to houseguest?

Casting director Robyn Kass is taking the brunt of the anger from the furious fans. Several Twitter users are calling for Kass to be fired and question what the heck was casting thinking.

Big Brother 21 is coming under fire for a slew of reasons this season related to Jackson Michie and his bro Jack Matthews . The latest issue that has fans in an uproar because of Miche's alleged domestic abuse arrest.

What do you think of the current season and casting Michie?

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  • Mich
    Mich Oct 1, 2019 12:18 AM PDT

    So tired of the political correct racist crap, I mean Big Brother is a reality show, it's a game, nobody is perfect and most people love the show but sadly it's starting to get ruined as if the country isn't divided enough as it is from the dishonest liberal media and now bringing politics into Big Brother is the last thing fans of the show want to hear. Julie Chen is no saint herself I mean the way she questioned and tried to make Jackson Michie feel was completely uncalled for, Julie Chen has her own scandal to deal with and to be quite frank the majority are also getting tired of having same sex stuff forced down their throats as well as the racism stuff and doing all that is possible to make white people look bad. Whatever happened to just watching the reality show to get away from all the hateful politics to just enjoy without anyone hating anyone? I know I certainly don't hate anyone however like most Americans I'm tired of all the stuff happening that only divides people in purpose, to also twist things around just to start trouble, it turns people off. It was sickening right from the start when Jackson won BB camp and those he chose who could've been evicted right away stupid accusations of racism started when it was obvious to most it had nothing to do with it. The majority are sick and tired of the crap whenever of nonwhites whenever sometime doesn't go their way right away it's racism when it's not. Why can't we all just love one another regardless of skin color and stop trying to divide, cause strife and hate? The devil is the only one laughing at all of this while people are fighting with each other and are divided. The media mostly does this also on purpose only to start trouble for their own selfish political reasons and show fake concern to care about the issue when they clearly don't. It's time to move on, forgive, and let the nation heal and stop listening to the dishonesty. If the reality shows are going to continue with the politics of divide, strife, and start trouble they are going to lose a lot of viewers.

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