Ashanti Looks Like A Teenager In Photo Without Makeup, She Gave Her Secret To Looking So Fabulous

Ashanti Looks Like A Teenager In Photo Without Makeup, She Gave Her Secret To Looking So Fabulous
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Ashanti has many asking, what is your secret? The talented singer and songwriter will be 38 years old in October, but she recently shared a picture where she has no makeup on, and she looks like she is barely 20.

The "Early in the Morning" singer is bare face in the photo where she is wearing a simple tank top and a necklace.

The "When a Man Does Wrong" diva captioned the picture: "Me trying to beat this Mercury Retrograde... OMFG.😩"

One follower had this to say: "No makeup is so pretty. Naturally Beautiful 💕💕🤗her skin looks soft sh; she always knew how to keep herself together 😍😍!! Libra woman look younger than their age healthy food and exercise 💪🏼💪🏼 💪🏼 @ashanti Ain’t too many looking like that without make up these days .. natural #salute."

This fan revealed: "Same sis 😫 just broke up with all my boyfriend for just breathing without me😫. What kind of potion is she taking? She looks younger now then she did when she first came out!"

This third backer shared: "Lawd this woman is beautiful!!! Her natural no-makeup look!!!! Is it 2002 again!? Nah she using the young filter on the face app !! Lmao, you ain't low."

A fourth supporter wrote: "This makes no damn sense. Where is your age?😫When is it over? Maybe that’s why I’m out of it! Like I’m drained.🤦🏽‍♀️"

In a recent interview, Ashanti revealed her secret to looking so fabulous: "My secret is really figuring out which cuts look the best of my body... but first and foremost you must feel confident from the inside out. A nice cut bathing suit just adds the flavor.. it also doesn’t hurt to hit the gym and eat right."

She added: "Being a woman in this industry, having success, and being able to inspire women to be great, makes me feel confident and powerful… taking care of myself and really understanding how to be healthy mentally and physically is so important!"

She also spoke her new album: "I’m releasing an EP that I am so excited about me and Metro Boomin are executive producing it… and we have finally decided what the vibe is.. we went live on Instagram from the studio in LA, and the people wanted that Ashanti R&B 2019….with a few surprises… certain things that I’ve never said before!"

Ashanti is reaching her goals.

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