Bethenny Frankel Announces First Post-RHONY Business Venture, Says She's 'Happier Overall' After Leaving The Show

Bethenny Frankel Announces First Post-RHONY Business Venture, Says She's 'Happier Overall' After Leaving The Show
Credit: Source: Twitter

Bethenny Frankel has finally put the Real Housewives of New York behind her after starring on the Bravo reality show off and on for 11 seasons. The OG Housewife says that it’s been a “welcome transition,” as she has moved on to her first post- RHONY business venture.

Back in August, the Skinnygirl mogul announced she was leaving RHONY so she could focus on raising her daughter, her solo projects, and her philanthropy. And, she recently told People magazine that it took her a minute to regroup and feel centered, but now things are calm.

“There’s no conflict or drama,” said the 49-year-old. “I’m happier overall and more balanced. It’s a healthier life with less stress, and a welcome transition.”

This week, Frankel announced her new partnership with VirMax for a new line of Skinnygirl Supplements that will be on the shelves at Walgreens. There are four different supplements: Hair, Skin, & Nails with Biotin, Collagen Enhanced for skin, Relaxation & Sleep Support with Melatonin, and Sensuality for Female Intimacy.

“These were all things affecting me as a woman,” explained Frankel. “I was looking for something natural. It’s just for honest women’s issues. No crazy claims and unrealistic promises. Just maintenance.”

Frankel explained that the Sensuality for Female Intimacy supplement is “like a better mood enhancer,” and she wanted to offer it to her customers because she feels like things aren’t always as spicy and sexy for women as they get older. She said it’s not just about changing bodies, but also about more responsibilities and having kids.

Frankel says the supplement is “nothing crazy,” and you won’t be rocking the house down after taking one. However, if you take it regularly, Frankel says “it works.”

The mom-of-one said that her boyfriend of more than a year, film producer and real estate executive Paul Bernon, is “all for” her new Sensuality supplement, and there have been no complaints.

Frankel says that Bernon loves the idea of her embracing that, and she loves that women are starting to embrace their sexuality more as they get older, and that they are talking about it.

The former RHONY star couldn’t help but gush about Bernon, who she described as “relaxed, mellow, very funny, smart, and low-key.” Frankel said that he is a loving good person who takes care of her, and their respective families are blending and getting closer.

Bethenny Frankel says she doesn’t miss the Real Housewives of New York. She does keep in touch with a few people and she still has a great relationship with Bravo, but she doesn’t miss that environment.

“It’s nice to be missed,” says Frankel. “But it’s nice to be living the life I’m living now, which is another chapter and really a safer space.”


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