Moniece Slaughter Debunks Lil Fizz's Claim He Was 'Never' Friends With Omarion

Moniece Slaughter Debunks Lil Fizz's Claim He Was 'Never' Friends With Omarion
Credit: Source: The Blast

People on social media have been slamming Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz for their relationship due to the fact that the singer is dating his bandmate's baby's mother. Fizz has tried to deny that he and Omarion were ever friends by claiming that they were simply co-workers -- but not many find it believable.

Moniece Slaughter is the one who originally exposed the two for turning their 'friendship' into a full-blown relationship. She recently took to social media to debunk Fizz's claims that he wasn't friends with Omarion.

In an Instagram Story that has already expired, Slaughter said: 'My BD just be tellin lie after lie after lie. Omarion was at my son’s 4th or 5th bday party at glow zone. During his FRIENDSHIP w/ Omarion, he completely put Boog on the back burner. Never saw that man I’d heard mention of his name smh. Both dreux and I attended their 2nd baby shower (we came separately of course. I attended a bday party at their house for her after season one with Morgan Hardman (my bd was there). Omari invited dreux & kam to Disneyland after the release of his single w/ Chris brown & jhene. Along with Chris & other fathers and their sons!Them boys were friends. My son referred to Omarion then & now as uncle O. She even said to me in a text, ‘kam is such a good boy. He already had been. Even when dreux used to bring him around when me & O were together.'

Even without Moniece's detailed recount of Fizz and Omarion's history, the general public still feels as though Fizz broke a code among men.

However, out of all parties involved, Omarion is absolutely the most unbothered.

He has handled the entire scandal with dignity and grace. He hasn't (publicly) spoken a bad word about his bandmate or his baby's mother and is focused on another Millennium Tour -- sans Fizz.


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