Azealia Banks Says Joe Biden Is 'Legitimately Scary'

Azealia Banks Says Joe Biden Is 'Legitimately Scary'
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It's clear not everyone in the music world is a fan of Joe Biden , including Azealia Banks, who recently put the Democratic nominee on blast on her social media account.

Banks has come under fire by her contemporaries in the music industry before, but the performing artist has been the subject of some praise due to her candid remarks, regardless of their merit. According to Banks, if Joe Biden were to win the presidency this year, it may lead to more harm than good.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on an Instagram post from the star this week in which she reflected on an interview between Cardi B, the "Bodak Yellow" star, and Joe Biden. Thus far, the interview has picked up heat by foes and friends.

Banks, for one, described Joe Biden as "legitimately scary," saying how he looked like he was a "complete racist in performative PC drag." As most know, Kamala Harris was recently announced as his running mate in this year's election , and Banks says Kamala just might save him.

The rapper urged Kamala Harris to "save our souls," before going on to say that Harris shouldn't let Joe speak during the debates. As for why she doesn't like Joe Biden, Banks said on her account that Joe has "romanticized" what was done to black Americans during the civil rights movement many years ago.

Even though Banks is obviously not a big fan of Joe Biden , it looks like she does think positively of Kamala Harris, who reportedly led to an increased chance in the Democrats winning the election this year at least in terms of the polling numbers.

Azealia reportedly believes Kamala has the ability to take on the leading role even more so than Joe Biden. As most know, Joe has received considerable criticism over the last few weeks due to his various mid-interview blunders.


For instance, Biden compared black Americans to Latino-Americans unfavorably , describing Latinos as more politically diverse than their counterparts. Later, Biden apologized for his remarks and said he would never mean such a thing, but the damage was already done.

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