Asian Da Brat Says Megan Thee Stallion Hopped On A Jet To Visit Her After A Car Accident

Asian Da Brat Says Megan Thee Stallion Hopped On A Jet To Visit Her After A Car Accident
Credit: Source: Revolt.TV

Asian Da Brat says Megan Thee Stallion recently came out to show support amid her car accident. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the Instagram post from the performing artist this week in which she claimed Megan had "(taken) a jet to support" her.

Megan Thee Stallion is likely returning the favor after she was allegedly shot in the foot by Tory Lanez , although, the rumor has never been confirmed. According to Asian Da Brat, she was recently in a car crash.

Hot New Hip Hop says her brother was also hurt in the accident, and amid her recovery, she and her friends decided to head out to the club to enjoy a night out. Asian took to her account to say that when she was "on (her) death bed," Megan reached out to her to make sure she was ok.

You can check out her post below:

As it was noted above, Megan Thee Stallion encountered her own difficulties earlier this summer after she and Tory Lanez were hanging out a pool party. Reportedly, Megan and Tory got into a jealous fight over Kylie Jenner amid rumors that Megan and Tory were sleeping together.

As the story goes, Megan invited Tory to the party and she felt slighted when Lanez began showing Kylie more attention than her. They both got really intoxicated and a fight soon broke out.

Megan allegedly started getting in Tory's face and yelling at him, "are you a real n*gga?" Tory then fired a gun off and bullets ricocheted and hit her in the foot. The incident supposedly occurred in the rapper's SUV near the party.

After gunshots were fired, the police arrived and arrested Tory Lanez on gun possession charges , however, he was never charged with firing a weapon at Megan. Put simply, it's still not entirely clear if Lanez was the one to fire the gun which led to Megan's injury.

Furthermore, Megan, the "Savage" rapper, never dispelled rumors that it was Tory who shot her.


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