Ashanti Announces She Is Covid Free -- Fans Ecstatic As They Await Rescheduled Versus

Ashanti Announces She Is Covid Free -- Fans Ecstatic As They Await Rescheduled Versus
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In one of the biggest upsets of 2020, Ashanti was unable to participate in a VERZUZ battle with Keyshia Cole due to the fact that she contracted COVID-19. In a new post, the singer revealed that she has tested negative!

Ashanti wrote a message to her fans that said she was starting off the new year COVID-free. She received her negative results two days ago.

Se added a caption that read: 'Feeling grateful 🙏🏽 My parents and I got our negative results back right in time to start off the New Year healthy, happy & loved. Wishing y’all all an Amazing 202WON.'

This comes after only hours before she was set to take the stage to battle against Cole, she went Live and revealed that she had the Coronavirus.

Many fans were upset because they were looking forward to the show. They blamed her recent travels for giving her the illness.

She had to set the record straight.

'To be very, very, very clear — yes I’ve been traveling. Yes I went to Nairobi; I had an amazing time. No, I did not get COVID from traveling. I did not get COVID from being in Africa or anything like that. Everyone that I went on the trip with has tested [negative]. hey went from country to country; they went to Uganda so they have to continue to get tested. No one tested positive. I did not get it from traveling.'

Instead, it was in her own home.

'I actually got it from a family member when I came home. I came home and I hugged a family member who ended up being positive. I didn’t know he was positive; he didn’t know he was positive, so when he went to get tested, I was like, ‘Oh f***.’'

'Now we gone need you to wear your mask 😷 everywhere you go because if you cancel that Verzuz 1 mo time!'


While this user said: 'Oh so we getting that Verzuz definitely on the 9th !!'

'Yes god now can we have our VERZUZ BATTLE NOW IM READY TO SIP MY WINE AND GET MY POPCORN READY,' commented one.


The Verzuz has been rescheduled for January 9.

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