Keyshia Cole Is Rocking The No Makeup Look And Fans Can’t Help But Gush Over Her Beauty

Keyshia Cole Is Rocking The No Makeup Look And Fans Can’t Help But Gush Over Her Beauty
Credit: C Flanigan

One thing that fans adore is a celebrity who shows them the normal ways of their lives. While many celebrities choose to come in front of the world dressed up, some celebrities are still humble enough to come in front of their fans with their natural selves. These celebrities are increasing in number with the times changing.

Keyshia Cole’s recent video with no makeup has gone viral for all the right reasons. In the clip shared by herself, she was seen wearing a stunning pink bathing suit with a sheer coverup over top. The video also featured her younger son Tobias as the two seemed to be chilling in their backyard.

The star is seen displaying her perfect glowing skin as she smiles in the video. The video was a cute insider into the relaxing time that the duo takes together. However, fans couldn’t help but compliment Keyshia’s perfect glow without makeup.

In the comments of the video, fans complimented how beautiful Keyshia looked without her makeup. The glow on Keyshia was appreciated by all fans who stated that she was glowing from within.

Some other fans commented that Keyshia was so breathtakingly beautiful. Fans appreciated the clear skin that Keyshia had and some even wished that they had the skin that Keyshia was displaying.

Keyshia is a big believer in good skin which can be seen through her documented visit to a dermatologist. The details of the visit were not the main focus however Keyshia did show her skin after it had been cleansed for fans to see the difference in before and after.

The comments section of the video was very wholesome as fans couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty that Keyshia had. Her loyal fans were quick to hype up their favorite star and they didn’t leave any room for hate. Keyshia herself seemed to be enjoying the praise as she was seen thanking the fans for their sweet words.

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