RHOP: Jamal Bryant's Alleged Side Chick Speaks Out And Provides Receipts

RHOP: Jamal Bryant's Alleged Side Chick Speaks Out And Provides Receipts
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Jamal Bryant was dragged like no other has been at the season five Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. He was deemed 'Pastor Holy Wh*re' by Monique Samuels who had a binder full of receipts on her co-stars.

During her takedown of Gizelle Bryant , she brought multiple rumors to light including one that he has a side chick who he told he was only dating Gizelle again so that she would have a storyline.

Bryant, who turned down his invitation to the reunion, decided to respond on social media where he denied that he was cheating on Bryant. He also accused Chris Samuels of having an anger problem and falsely claimed that Chris tried to fight Gizelle during the sit down.

Bryant also served Monique with a cease and desist for making untrue statements and causing him harm by reading out his phone number during the reunion (which was actually blurred out by Bravo).

Samuels is hitting him with one right back where her lawyer states: 'Your claims against Mrs. Samuels in your cease and desist letter are false, have no merit, and are baseless by their very nature. (...) You claim that Mrs. Samuels falsely accused you of having inappropriate relationships with members of your congregation. This allegation, however, is false and has no merit as Mrs. Samuels has irrefutable proof of your egregious sexual conduct with a woman you have been seeing for the past eight years, as well as others.'

Meanwhile, the alleged ex-girlfriend, named Tunya Griffin, completed an exclusive interview with All About the Tea where she claimed that she met Jamal in 211 and has been seeing him ever since.

She also went into depth about what the language of the text messages Monique brought to the reunion said.

'The context of the text messages is that Jamal Bryant had a speaking engagement in Buffalo, New York. He sent me a text and asked if I could meet him in Buffalo. I had heard the rumors about Gizelle and Jamal. In fact, my sister sent a screenshot of Jamal and Gizelle at the Dave Chapelle show. “So I wanted to ask the question, ‘Are you putting your family back together? Are you an item?’ because that was definitely being spread in the social media world. His response to me was, ‘This is for reality TV.’ He understood that if he was going to pursue a full relationship with Gizelle this was not going to work. I would not see him in Buffalo, so he knew he needed to answer that question.'

She also provided photos proving that she was in Jamal's life.

Do you believe Tunya?


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