Ashanti's Fans Come For The Sizzling Swimsuit Videos And Stay For The Knowledge That She Is Dropping

Ashanti's Fans Come For The Sizzling Swimsuit Videos And Stay For The Knowledge That She Is Dropping
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Ashanti turned 40 recently, and it seems that she is looking better than before. The R&B star has fans going crazy over her latest photos and videos.

She is constantly putting a smile on their faces while also staying focused on the business aspects of things. The latest pictures and clips offered her an opportunity to promote her sister, Shia Douglas's lifestyle business, Wife Of Creation.

The move is part of a larger plan to push Black-owned businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Ashanti is hoping to showcase those ventures through her work and partnership with droppTV.

Her collaboration with her sister, a victim of domestic violence, has also helped her to see certain things differently, especially the impact of her music on people dealing with some tough issues.

This example fits perfectly to her hit song, "Rain on Me," which has become a real anthem for abuse survivors.

She stated: "It’s just so crazy how they say, ‘Be careful with what you write’ or ‘Be careful what you put out there,’ because sometimes things do come full circle."

Ashanti continued: "My sister has dealt with some unearthing of traumatic domestic abuse, and she’s such an amazing being. You know, she used such a traumatic experience to elevate and turn around and create this holistic brand that is all about woman empowerment and creating a safe place — proving your self-esteem up and being happy about your life and making a change, and having the strength to admit things and overcome things. So it’s just so weird even that people, on this day in 2020, bring up one song out of however many I’ve put out, and the one record they talk about is ‘Rain on Me.’ And the fact that I could tell you that it didn’t stem from a real experience with me back then, but it touched me and my sister and my family in a very different way [later], because of something that she ended up going through. … I just think that happened for a reason. Wow, that just gave me goose bumps a little bit, just to say that."


It is interesting to see Ashanti fully embrace her role in inspiring others to make a change in their life. If her videos tell half of the story, Ja Rule's collaborator seems to be in a great place.

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