Are Irina Shayk and Vito Schnabel Dating?

Are Irina Shayk and Vito Schnabel Dating?
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While the rest of the world seems to be moving farther and farther apart from each other, Irina Shayk and Vito Schnabel appear to be getting closer all of the time. E! Online claims the couple was spotted hanging out twice in recent weeks, including on Wednesday in New York City.

Fans of Irina, who formerly dated Bradley Cooper until their relationship dissolved last year, have been asking what's going on between the supposed couple. According to E! Online, they actually know each other quite well and have for some time.

A source who spoke with the publication claimed Shayk has been in touch with Vito for many years and they've been close since her split with Cooper. When Vito was dating Heidi, Irina and Bradley would go on double dates with them all the time.

The insider shared that Vito loves to flirt with women, and Irina is the type of girl who likes attention, so right now it's perfect.

New York City is currently under quarantine, considering it's one of the hot spots of the United States. This could be part of the reason why they've been spending a lot more time together.

Additionally, the source shared they actually live close to each other and whenever Irina's child is with her father, she hangs around Vito to blow off steam.

Putting it simply, it's very easy for them to hang out because of their close proximity. As it was noted above, Irina and Bradley Cooper broke up last year which was easily one of the most talked-about breakups in 2019.

It came not long after Bradley and Lady Gaga performed together at the Grammy Awards. For months, fans speculated they were dating because of how convincing their performance was.

Sources who spoke with multiple outlets speculated that Irina was upset with how the entire world made it seem like she was the odd person out. It was challenging for her to be reminded every day that the father of her child was potentially cheating on her.

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