Jennifer Aydin Reveals That RHONJ Co-Star Teresa Giudice And Her Ex Joe Are 'Best Friends' After Split

Jennifer Aydin Reveals That RHONJ Co-Star Teresa Giudice And Her Ex Joe Are 'Best Friends' After Split
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Teresa and Joe Giudice may not be a married couple anymore but that does not mean they are on bad terms. In fact, according to Jennifer Aydin, the exes are still best of friends!

Teresa’s Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star dished on their relationship during a new interview, saying that even in spite of the physical distance between them, they still keep in touch and are very communicative.

As you might know, Joe currently lives in Italy because of his problems with the law, awaiting a final decision in his deportation case.

But while at this point, it seems more and more unlikely that he will ever be allowed to come back to the States, at least their daughters can rest assured that their mom and dad will always keep in touch.

Jennifer dished during her interview with HollywoodLife that ‘She’s not going to worry about Joe and mostly Joe’s worrying about Joe. Joe seems to be in good spirits and they really have a great relationship. I mean when they talk, they talk like best friends. Like nothing’s ever changed. It’s really nice.’

The cook book author also discussed the type of man she would love to see her co-star dating now that she is single and ready to mingle.

‘I think she’s going to just take her time just to be respectful for her daughters, you know, cause it’s going to take a minute for them to realize that their parents are no longer together. That’s the furthest thing on Teresa’s mind right now is dating. But of course I’d love to see her happy in the future and I think that’s a possibility for her. But she’s been married for such a long time, so I’m going to try to tell her to just relax a minute, let it sink in and enjoy being single and not having to answer to anybody,’ Jennifer shared with the same site.


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