50 Cent Trolls Ja Rule After He Reveals That He'll Perform At House Parties

50 Cent Trolls Ja Rule After He Reveals That He'll Perform At House Parties
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It's not exactly a secret that 50 Cent loves to troll Ja Rule, and has been doing so for many years. Hot New Hip Hop reported recently that 50 Cent had some words for Ja Rule after he discovered the rapper was performing at house parties for work.

The outlet claims that for many years, Ja Rule has claimed he was the one to end 50 Cent's career, despite the fact, 50 Cent has gone on to success in other areas of the entertainment industry, including the film business and television as well.

Reportedly, Ja Rule recently revealed to his fans that he was going to put on personal shows in the comfort of his fans' homes. He emphasized that they would be "COVID safe personal performances."

More importantly, fans noticed the offerings on his social media account along with the caption saying that it wasn't going to be "cheap" to hire him. Afterward, many fans online were thrilled to see what 50 Cent would have to say about it.

50 Cent took to his IG to warn other people out there, saying that if they don't want to perform at birthday parties for fifteen people, then just get out of his way. As it was noted above, 50 Cent and Ja Rule have been trolling each other since the early 2000s, with most arguing that 50 Cent has clearly had the upper hand.

The rapper took particular pleasure with the Netflix documentary, Fyre, in which Ja Rule's association with Billy McFarland was put on display. While Ja Rule was reportedly only involved in the marketing of the festival, social media users widely thought he should've been persecuted as well.

Fyre Festival occurred in 2017, and it was the ill-fated festival that blew up on social media after the image of a styrofoam tray with a cheese sandwich spread around on social media.

Later, it was revealed that concert-goers were led to believe they were going to a luxury festival, only to arrive to see that no such thing was waiting for them.

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