Ja Rule Claims He Was Scammed In Fyre Festival Controversy

Ja Rule Claims He Was Scammed In Fyre Festival Controversy
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According to a report from Mashable.com, Ja Rule has claimed he was one of the victims of the Fyre Festival, rather than the perpetrator which led to hundreds of people landing in the Bahamas with expectations of a concert festival, but instead, getting hardly anything at all.

On Sunday, Ja Rule took to his Twitter account to say that people shouldn't think they know the whole story just because they watched a documentary on both Hulu and Netflix. However, fans weren't interested in listening to anything he had to say.

As it was previously reported, the concert festival in summer 2017 led to people being left abandoned in the Bahamas. Moreover, employees and locals were also straddled with debt. At the time of the incident, Ja Rule took to his social media account to say, "NOT MY FAULT....but I'm taking responsibility" - a contradictory statement.

Mashable reports that both Ja Rule and Billy McFarland were aware of the impending disaster that would happen. Furthermore, other outlets have claimed both men are responsible for what happened on that fateful weekend.

The rapper said that he had an "amazing vision to create a festival like no other," and would never scam or fraud anybody out of a great time because his intentions were to bring about a great business. The star said, "I too, was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, lead astray!"

In the Netflix documentary, Ja Rule, McFarland, and Fyre employees meet up after the disastrous festival that left people stranded in a foreign country.

In the documentary, Ja Rule can be heard saying, "right now, yes, we are the f*cking laughing stock of everything." Ja Rule says in the video that it wasn't fraud, but instead, "false advertising." The rapper accused the documentarians of the new flick as being ethically compromised.

According to the rapper, Hulu and Netflix paid Billy McFarland, the supposed mastermind behind the entire thing. Ja Rule claims McFarland and his team were the ones to promote the festival as something that it wasn't.

Billy McFarland was found guilty on charges of fraud and was sent to the big house for six years. However, there have been other consequences for some of the key organizers as well, with the exception of Ja Rule.

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