Ammika Harris Reveals The Sweet Thing Chris Brown Did For Her While Giving Birth To Their Son!

Ammika Harris Reveals The Sweet Thing Chris Brown Did For Her While Giving Birth To Their Son!
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Just like many others, Ammika Harris took to her platform to celebrate Father’s Day and she made sure to pay tribute to her baby daddy, Chris Brown! That being said, she also took this opportunity to reveal a pretty special and sweet thing he did for her when she gave birth to their son Aeko!

As fans know, the two not only share the 6 month old but also seem like they are romantically involved in the present.

And since her first experience with delivery is still fresh in her mind, the beauty recalled how ‘I asked him [Chris] to play his album during the procedure, because I didn’t want to hear the sound of the tools. happy Father’s Day baby!’

Alongside this reveal she also included a black and white snap of Brown wearing scrubs, a hairnet and a face mask and holding Ammika’s hand and hugging her during delivery.

Fans were quick to gush over the post, commenting things like: ‘Awww I just love this picture. It says it all.’ / ‘That’s so sweet. Happy Father’s Day.’

While the two are still to officially confirm they are back together and not just co-parents, they have been leaving all kinds of clues that might just be the case.

Even this Father’s Day post had Ammika calling Chris ‘baby’ which suggests they are in a relationship.

Furthermore, back in May, his birthday message for her also seemed to suggest they are a couple: ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BOO. THE ONLY PERSON THAT LOOKS AT YOU THE WAY I DO'S AEKO… WHEN WE MET I GOT ON YA NERVES…you told me that I talk too much… SO THEN I SHUT THE F**K UP AND STARTED LISTENING! YOU'RE LIGHT, YOU'RE LOVE, and you are BEAUTY. THIS YO DAY…. I LOVE YOU TELL MOMS THANK YOU!’

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