50 Cent Accuses Lala Kent’s Fiancé Of ‘Faking’ A Heart Attack To Avoid Paying Him $1 Million

50 Cent Accuses Lala Kent’s Fiancé Of ‘Faking’ A Heart Attack To Avoid Paying Him $1 Million
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The ugly beef between 50 Cent and Lala Kent’s fiancé Randall Emmett is not even close to over! In fact, it just got messier with the rapper mocking Randall by accusing him of faking a heart attack just to get out of paying him the $1 million he supposedly owes him.

That being said, 50 still wants his money!

He took to social media to write: ‘Money, Monday right around the corner I’m going to bed early,’ apparently mocking Randall, who he claims owes him a million.

Fiddy included in the post a clip from Family Guy that shows Stewie attacking Brian and demanding to know ‘where’s my money?’

Of course, that much was enough for people to tell he was talking about Randall but the rapper did not stop there!

At the very bottom, he wrote: ‘Shoulda fakes a heart attack.’

This refers to a text conversation between the two men in which Randall apologized and claimed he was maybe having a heart attack.

‘I’m sorry again. I really am. I said I’m sorry fofty (sic). I’m heading to the emergency room. I’m not doing well. Please don’t text me anymore. I’m sorry for everything. This is too much for me. I’m so hurt and not feeling well. Now, my ex is [F***ing] with me after your post. This is very bad for me on all levels.’

He also said that he was ‘Going to ER to make sure not having heart attack. Please, Fifty. No more.’

And how did 50 respond? Not so kindly: ‘Get the f**k out of here, Randall. …You f***ing loser.’

It was also the text exchange in which the rapper revealed that Randall owed him money.

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