Young Buck Is Doing Ok After His Girlfriend Fired A Gun Off During Their Fight

Young Buck Is Doing Ok After His Girlfriend Fired A Gun Off During Their Fight
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Young Buck is often in the headlines, Hot New Hip Hop reported this week, but it's rarely for a good reason. At one point in time during his life, Young Buck was on top of the world as a result of his career working with 50 Cent as part of the hip-hop group, G-Unit.

However, now, the rapper finds himself in the headlines for other reasons, in addition to being the target of mockery from 50 Cent. According to the outlet, Young Buck was in a fight with his girlfriend which led to a gun going off.

TMZ reported this week that the rapper is doing ok after his girlfriend fired a gun during a fight in their Tennessee home. It's not entirely clear if his girlfriend aimed the firearm at him, or in his direction, for that matter, but the police came to their home.

TMZ claims his girlfriend was subsequently arrested on reckless endangerment charges with a deadly weapon. Thus far, no one knows what they were fighting about, or why the gun went off in the first place.

As it was noted above, Young Buck is often in the news for his feud with 50 Cent . Reportedly, Young Buck still owes 50 Cent money for a record contract from the past, and the rapper has been struggling to pay it back.

As it was previously reported back in May of this year, Young Buck filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy apparently as a way of getting out of paying 50 Cent . The rapper had been behind bars for approximately one year on charges of child abandonment.

Following his release, Young Buck filed for bankruptcy to get 50 Cent off his back for the money, and also as a way of getting out of his record contract.

50 Cent hasn't been kind toward Young Buck and his financial problems either. The rapper frequently trolls Young Buck for his lack of funds and he even made fun of one of his past girlfriends, or at least a woman appearing to look like his girlfriend.

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