Tory Lanez Explains His Side Of The Story In Long IG Live Session

Tory Lanez Explains His Side Of The Story In Long IG Live Session
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In a long-winded explanation of what went down that fateful evening with Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez took to his Instagram this week to touch on the controversy that took the entertainment news world by storm. Page Six and a few other outlets picked up on the Instagram Live session in which Lanez finally defended himself against the claims.

This past Tuesday night, Tory said on his social media account that he has spent the last three months in total silence, away from social media, yet, people have been telling him to "shut up" and are acting like he has been bad-mouthing Megan from the beginning.

The 28-year-old kicked off his video by saying the last three months have been difficult for him. People have continued coming for him on social media, accusing him of being one of the worst people to ever inhabit the earth.

Tory said the whole thing was "crazy" to him because both he and Megan know nothing that has been reported in the media is 100% true. "It's falsified information," Lanez remarked, before going on to say it was "false" and simply "inaccurate."

You can check out part of his video response in the YouTube video below:

Tory says he wasn't trying to bash or talk badly about Megan because, at the end of the day, he still considers her a close friend. As it was previously reported, Tory was accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot earlier this summer.

As the story goes, Tory and Megan were arguing in an SUV with two other people, and Megan got out of the vehicle after deciding she was done with it. Rumor has it that Tory yelled at her, "dance b*tch," and opened fire on her feet as she walked away.

Later, the police came to the scene and Tory was arrested on gun possession charges. Since then, the authorities have slapped with him with felony assault with a weapon as well, and he's going on trial in the coming months.

Lanez also addressed the controversy with his latest album, DAYSTAR, which he dropped on his Soundcloud account.

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