Young Buck Addresses 50 Cent Feud On Social Media

Followers of Young Buck and 50 Cent know that the pair of rappers haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye over the last few years. Their feud has only intensified following a contractual dispute through the record label owned by 50 Cent, G-Unit Records.

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that there was a time when the two men used to be fine with each other. However, over the last decade, G-Unit Records and many of the associates underneath its umbrella have fallen out of favor with each other.

These days, it's clear that Young Buck isn't happy with the way he's been treated by the label. According to the aforementioned outlet, Young Buck has been trying to get out of his contract with G-Unit Records for several years now.

Their feud was in the media earlier this week when Young Buck got out of prison after being charged and convicted on child abandonment charges. Moreover, Young Buck was in the media as well for allegations that he filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection .

However, reports indicated it may have had something to do with his legal dispute with 50 Cent. Young Buck was in prison for four months for the charges mentioned above. Unfortunately, he found himself in trouble with 50 Cent following his release.

During an Instagram Live session with DJ Paul, Young Buck addressed the scandal. Paraphrasing what the rapper had to say, Young Buck claims all he has ever wanted to do is work without being bothered by his label dispute with 50 Cent, whom he referred to as "that dude over there."

According to Young Buck, he doesn't owe 50 Cent a dime, but he decided to get the case off his chest and just pay the money and move on from the legal melodrama. Reportedly, Young Buck agreed to pay him in two instalments of $150,000 to move on with his career.

Young Buck added that he doesn't owe Interscope Records or G-Unit Records a quarter-million dollars. 50 Cent has been making fun of Young Buck on social media as well, including when he insinuated that Young Buck was hanging on to a transgender woman in an old picture.

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