Wendy Williams Surprises Fans On Masked Singer -- Talks About The Hilarious Appearance On Morning Show

Wendy Williams Surprises Fans On Masked Singer -- Talks About The Hilarious Appearance On Morning Show
Credit: Source: Daily Mail

Wendy Williams has been going through a bit of a rough patch on her morning show. However, the New York native found her way to another show where she was a hilarious surprise.

Wendy was the latest celebrity unveiled on The Masked Singer . She dawned a costume of red lips and dropped multiple clues that some judges caught on to quickly while others knew by the sound of her voice.

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She recently spoke with US Weekly where she revealed just how hard doing the show was.

'There were tears at night because this is something scary that I normally wouldn’t do and I couldn’t really talk to anyone. My parents would call me, and I couldn’t pick up or anything. I think they thought I fled the country or something. It was all so emotional that it really hit me at night!'

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On the show, she belted out Native New Yorker and put a smile on her good friend Nick Cannon's face.


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She went on to explain to the magazine that she wanted to go for it.

'All my friends and family say to me, ‘Wendy, you can talk, but don’t sing!’ They tell me to stay in my lane. I’ll show them. After I’d sing a line, then I would laugh. I thought that gave it away. I was really filled with joy though. Nick Cannon knew right away. When we sat down, he said, ‘I’m not going to say anything, but I know who you are right away!’ And he said he couldn’t believe I pulled this off! I had no idea he would be wearing those red sparkly shoes that matched my lips costume.'

On her talk show this morning, she recalled her experience. She told audience members that she was flown to LA, put up in the nicest hotel, and stuffed with lots of food.


It's great to see that Wendy is exploring new things.


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