#Lilwayneisoverparty Trends After He Endorses Trump And The Platinum Plan

#Lilwayneisoverparty Trends After He Endorses Trump And The Platinum Plan
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Lil Wayne hasn't strayed from giving his opinion on controversial topics. The rapper shockingly endorsed Donald Trump and social media was floored.

It wasn't a simple, statement, comment, or tweet. The rapper appeared side by side with the president and praised him for his work in criminal justice reform and the highly controversial Platinum Plan that is a trickled down version of Ice Cube's contract with Black America.

Immediately, his fan base started to comment about the photo and announcement.

In the comment section of the Shade Room, people were on opposing sides. While most felt betrayed by Wayne, others supported him and challenged people to think of why more Black people are supporting Trump.

'Let’s stop supporting these black male celebrities! They do not care about us at all,' said one.

'they care more about their money then their kids future. Sellout,' said another.

This person added: 'Yall better give him the same energy you gave Kim k for trying to help the black community.'

While this commenter said: 'The fact these people don’t get he’s prancing them & fake listening to the stuff they saying in return for the photo opps is beyond me - this man in the middle of a whole presidential race u really think he’s focused on the “ platinum plan “ or is he just occupying time with photo opps in between campaign speeches sellin dreams.'

While some came to his defense like this commenter: ' Us Hispanics and black are not voting for Biden. Career politician talking about making a change after 45 years in office. We’re not standing for that bs.'

Another said: 'So we just gonna keep acting like Biden ain’t no damn racist huh? We gonna act like we ain’t see him, Obama and the Clintons speak at the head of the KKK’s funeral huh? We gonna overlook all the racist stuff he said in the past huh? We just gonna ignore that and so many other things huh? Seems to me like y’all the ones selling out. Y’all let that WHITE man say You ain’t black if you don’t vote for him! Maybe I’m missing something but where I come from If it walk like a duck Talk like a duck ummmm it’s most definitely a duck!!'

Just minutes later #lilwayneisoverparty was trending on twitter.


What do you think of this commotion?

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