Lamar Odom Reveals He Cheated On Sabrina Parr And Confrims She Hooked Up With Tristan Thompson!

Lamar Odom Reveals He Cheated On Sabrina Parr And Confrims She Hooked Up With Tristan Thompson!
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Sabrina Parr and Lamar Odom were once preparing to tie the knot. Now, the two don't even speak anymore.

The athlete made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show where he revealed he was single and dating in Atlanta.

He also had a mouthful to say about Sabrina as a person.

'She’s a hurt woman. She has a lot of problems that I don’t think anyone of us could help her with. She probably needs therapy.'

The most revealing part of the interview was when he confirmed the longstanding rumors that Sabrina hooked up with Tristan Thompson -- who happens to be his ex-wife's baby daddy and current lover.

After some people felt that his interview was too harsh, Lamar's rep explained why he chose to address Sabrina in the way that he did.

'Lamar only shared what he said on Wendy because he is transparent about his past, especially, with his ex-girlfriend Sabrina spreading lies about him. He felt it was time to share his truth including one of the reasons that Lamar questioned Sabrina and her intentions in the relationship. After all he’s been through he is now healthy and happy living in a new city.'

Meanwhile, Sabrina seems unfazed by the chatter surrounding her love life.

She spoke to Hip Hollywood who asked her how her life has been.

'Currently right now, it is literally like, what is happening? Why can't I just move on and walk away peacefully like a normal person? Um, so, that has been challenging to navigate through, but I know my truth so I constantly remind myself of my truth and that literally gives me energy that I need to continue.'

She went on to say: 'I'm not going to respond. Of course, I saw it. Everyone tagged me in it and I'm just going to allow his narrative to be his narrative. I literally have no intention to respond to it.'

It's clear that these two are not meant to be together.


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