Wendy Williams Picks A Suitor For Date Wendy -- Fans Applaud Her Choice

Wendy Williams Picks A Suitor For Date Wendy -- Fans Applaud Her Choice
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Wendy Williams has taken to her talk show to find a new beau! Date Wendy had hundreds of entries and she narrowed it down to three great men.

Wendy ended up picking Mike -- a real estate salesman and contractor. They share a mutual friend in Mario Lopez.

The Wendy Show shared a clip from the segment and her comments were overwhelmingly positive.

'I was on the edge of my seat praying you chose Mike, very mature. Seems like a solid type of a guy. Good luck and have fun,' one person said/

Another added: 'Yes Wendy you made the Right Choice. New Life New Flavor . He looks like a lot of Fun and Age appropriate. A little Swirl never hurt no Body. Beautiful Blessings Goddess. How you doing.'

While this person said: 'All three were interesting gentlemen.. but you definitely made the right choice. Plus you both share a mutual friend who seems to know what you both are looking for! I’m so excited for this!! You deserve to be happy and to laugh every day and I think Mike will do that for you! ❤️ Best wishes Wendy!!'


'I was so hoping you picked him !!! Julian has a busy lifestyle & I don’t think he would have been available like a good boyfriend should be LOL I also think he was promoting himself and the last fellow whose name escapes me was much too young to be serious. So have a great time with Mike,' one commentator added.

Another supportive follower said: 'I agree with this pick . He seemed cheesy and wore a fun print and looks like he doesn’t take himself too serious which I think will be nice for her. I’m excited to see if this goes well for 🙌❤️ love is awesome.'

This comes after Wendy's divorce to Kevin Hunter was finalized.

The talk show host insists that she genuinely intends on dating these men and it's not just something that she's doing for the show.


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