Victoria Beckham And David Beckham Again Tried On Similar Outfits

Victoria Beckham And David Beckham Again Tried On Similar Outfits
Credit: GQ

David and Victoria Beckham 's relationship is an absolute role model. In addition to the fact that celebrities now and then publicly confess their love to each other, they regularly publish touching pictures together that cannot leave fans indifferent.

So, the other day, Victoria published a series of pictures taken during a romantic trip to Italy on her blog.

In one of the photos, the Beckhams pose in a gondola, blending in perfectly with each other and with the landscape in the background.

It is hard not to notice that the image of the legendary football player, consisting of a yellow T-shirt and white trousers, is in perfect harmony with the outfit of his wife, who wore a long yellow sundress with white straps, produced by her own brand. "Time with family is priceless. I love you so much," the designer commented on the publication.

"The only stars whose marriage really delights," "It's great when you try on similar looks," Internet users commented on the post.

Some fans also noted that at the beginning of their marriage, celebrities were more likely to choose paired bows than now.

We support this remark: in the 2000s, the star couple kept delighting the audience with double dressing. Maybe you should remember this cute habit more often?

In a previous post, Victoria Beckham was considered the most fashionable of the Spice Girls. Years later, her love for the fashion industry resulted in the creation of her brand.

Before meeting with his future wife, David Beckham could hardly be called a style icon, but now this status has firmly entrenched in him - of course, thanks to the efforts of his wife.

The Beckhams are the kings of double dressing. It all started back at zero. Recall at least their branded total white:


Victoria chose a lace-up maxi dress for one of the events, and David wore a V-neck T-shirt under his jacket. By the way, he began wearing chains in several layers, and for a long time, they became the football player's favorite accessory.


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