Tyler The Creator Addresses Drake Booing At Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

Tyler The Creator Addresses Drake Booing At Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival
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According to a report from Refinery 29, this past weekend, there were thousands of concert-goers at the Dodger Stadium in LA to attend the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival for what was its eighth year.

The music festival was started by Odd Future and Tyler the Creator, and it includes some of the biggest names in the music scene, including, Drake, Brockhampton, Solange, FKA Twigs, and Da Baby. Reportedly, Tyler The Creator announced there would be a surprise, and many fans thought it would've been Frank Ocean.

It was Drake who then took the stage, and a lot of attendees were not pleased with the Toronto native's inclusion. The crowd wasn't happy, and booed Drake vehemently, while the rapper asked whether or not he should continue the set.

Following the unenthusiastic reaction from the crowd, Drake quickly said goodbye to the people in the crowd. Frank Ocean didn't take the stage afterward, unfortunately, for the fans who were still holding out hope.

After the jeering took place, Tyler The Creator took to his Twitter account to express his disappointment with people in the audience, stating that their behavior was both "entitled" and "trash." Reportedly, Tyler asked Drake to perform at Camp Flog Gnaw personally, so the rapper wasn't happy that his fans booed the Scorpion artist.

Tyler The Creator said on his Twitter account that the booing was a lot like mob mentality in addition to "cancel culture" playing out in a real-life situation. "And I think that s**t is f*cking trash!" the rapper stated among his Twitter followers.

It's unclear why the crowd heckled Drake, considering he's one of the biggest artists in the world right now. However, as some pointed out on Twitter, the other performers were more niche, so Drake's style of music perhaps didn't quite fit the genre of the other acts.

In the summer of 2018, Drake released his last record, Scorpion, which ended up being one of the biggest records of the year, spurring hits like, "God's Plan," "I'm Upset," as well as "In My Feelings."

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