Travis Scott Shares Rare Photo Where He's Actually Smiling

Travis Scott Shares Rare Photo Where He's Actually Smiling
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Hot New Hip Hop says Travis Scott clearly isn't a big fan of showing his face in photographs, so much to the point that he often hides his face whenever the camera light goes off. On the other hand, others have stated that the way the rapper poses is just a reflection of his vibe, rather than because of insecurity.

Either way, fans got a rare glimpse into a new Travis Scott this week when he posted a picture of himself actually smiling for a change. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Travis Scott is always hiding his face in photos to the point that whenever he doesn't, it's a big deal on social media.

Others have pointed out the coincidence that Kylie Jenner has her own way of posing in photographs, that being that she doesn't like to smile in them.

It could be that Travis Scott is just feeling a lot happier these days on account of his Grammy nomination for "HIGHEST IN THE ROOM." Travis posted a photo on his IG in which he was smiling for the first time probably ever.

More importantly, fans noticed how there was a visible pair of high heels in the background, seemingly suggesting that he was hanging out with Kylie Jenner and their baby, Stormi Webster, whom they welcomed into the world approximately two years ago.

This is otherwise good news for Travis Scott, who was recently put on blast for one of his new songs, "FRANCHISE," which reportedly was hated by some of his fans.

Previously, it was reported that Travis Scott's song was going to fall off the charts as fast as it climbed them. Many fans compared it to the song from Tekashi 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj, "TROLLZ" which was affected by a similar affliction.


On the other hand, Travis likely doesn't care because of his more hailed song, "HIGHEST IN THE ROOM," in addition to his successful partnership with McDonald's, including the Travis Scott hamburger and the Chicken McNugget pillow that sold for $90 when it first came out.

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