Eminem Thinks That The New Godzilla Remix Is Totally Weird

Eminem Thinks That The New Godzilla Remix Is Totally Weird
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Fans know Eminem isn't an avid user of social media. Hot New Hip Hop reports that the rapper even addressed the issue of technology in his song, "So Far," from The Marshall Mathers LP 2 . More importantly, many fans of his weren't impressed when he began posting selfies.

According to the outlet, Eminem discovered a new remix of his song with Juice WRLD, "Godzilla," which was on his last record, Music To Be Murdered By. The star reposted a clip from the remix on his Instagram along with the question, "WTF--who did this?"

Reportedly, the video features Eminem's verse replaced by one seemingly inspired by the notorious Chris D'Elia cipher which went viral not long after the comedian posted it on his social media. Many fans of Eminem got a kick out of the remix, and it appears as though Marshall Mathers did too.

As most know, the song, "Godzilla," featuring the fallen rapper, Juice WRLD, was already controversial from the beginning on account of the young star's inclusion.


The album came out not long after the death of Juice WRLD , and a few social media users felt it was exploitative of his death, even though record labels and other artists participated in a posthumous record, Legends Never Die, which went to number one after Juice died.

As it was previously reported, Juice WRLD died in December of 2019 after succumbing to a drug overdose. It was later revealed that the rapper's plane had been searched by the police shortly after landing and to avoid apprehension, Juice WRLD reportedly swallowed a "mysterious pill."

He later collapsed while on his way out of the airport. The death of Juice WRLD took the music industry by storm, considering Juice had just started his career and appeared to be on his way to becoming one of the most successful artists in the business.


As it was noted above, Juice WRLD's record label and estate dropped Legends Never Die in the following year which was a huge hit for the label and the artist's family. With that in mind, defenders of Eminem asked how he could be exploitative if he merely published a song they had worked on prior to Juice's passing?

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