Toya Johnson Asks For Justice For Breonna Taylor

Toya Johnson Asks For Justice For Breonna Taylor
Credit: BET

Amidst the riots and the protests following George Floyd's death, Toya Johnson made sure to remind people of someone else - Breonna Taylor. Here's the message that Toya shared on her social media account below.

'#NoJusticNoPeace... We didn’t forget about you baby girl!!!!... Let’s take the necessary action steps to help get justice for Breonna & her boyfriend Kenneth Walker... Every phone call, message, email matters... #BreonnaTaylor #BLM#BlackLivesMatter,' Toya captioned her post.

An outraged follower said: 'I’m missing something ... SERIOUSLY- explain yo me HOW did the boyfriend get CHARGED for SHOOTING the officer - but Breonna was KILLED and there are NO CHARGES? Somebody please!'

Someone else said: 'You’re right we must continue the fight!' and another follower posted this message: 'This is heartbreaking. 💔😢 Lord, please be with her family. She deserves Justice.'

A fan wrote: 'Shouting #justiceforbreonnataylor we gone stick together and get justice for all our sisters and brothers who have been silenced we are their voices now,' and one other commenter said: 'I'm telling y’all now the mayor is refusing to fire the officers or even request to prosecute! We are livid in Louisville!'

One Instagrammer made sure that Breonna's memory is still alive: 'She will not be forgotten!! We'll carry on FIGHTING from our forefathers till we achieve EQUALITY AND JUSTICE.'

Someone else posted: 'Amen #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor and justice for her Kenneth Walker,' and another follower said: 'Thanks to ya Praying for my city Louisville ky & For every black girl & boy We sick & tired No Justice No peace @toyajohnson!!!#Justicefor BriannaTaylor#justicefordavidmacatee#'

Other than this, Toya also shared lots of posts on her socialmedia account, asking for justice for George Floyd. He was killed a few days ago, and this murder triggered massive protests in the streets of the US.

This triggered enormous movements in the United States and also around the world.


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