Tiny Harris Shares A Disturbing Video Filmed In Indianapolis Showing Another Case Of Police Brutality

Tiny Harris Shares A Disturbing Video Filmed In Indianapolis Showing Another Case Of Police Brutality
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Tiny Harris shocked a lot of her fans when she shared a video that was reportedly filmed in Indianapolis, which shows police brutality against women protesters. It's not shown what happened before the violence, and fans are discussing the clip in the comments.

'Now Indianapolis y’all know this is all kinds of wrong! First, you grab her chest & then shoot them with rubber bullets & beat her. Something has to be done about these police officers that thinks this is the way blacks should be treated? @_______brownsugar thx for the video..I’m just here to spread to the masses!! 🙏🏽👑🤬' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This is been like this since they were assembled to catch slave and control minority groups! It won’t change! And they aren’t even labeled as a hate group them or the KKK.'

Another follower posted this message: 'Now this is fucked up. This is too much. But I wanna see from the beginning on what happened.'

A commenter wrote: 'know my city. Them streets look too clean to be NY. Officers still need to be fired wherever they are,' while someone else was saying: 'Nypd will never change really wanna move out of here.'

Someone else wrote: 'It is. Why yall need to stop cheering on the mayor and governor of New York. They smile and claim to be on the side of the people on TV but keep letting this stuff go on, on the ground. Not one police conviction out of New York. Y'all better stop letting these fake politicians smile in y'all faces. Fuck that Democrat and Republican bullshit.'

Another Instagrammer said: '@majorgirl ❤️ the only thing that can be done is if WE stop shooting & killing each other & starting killing & shooting them.'

The other day, Tiny celebrated on her social media account the fact that all officers involved in the killing of George Floyd.

On the other hand, she is telling her fans that they should remain focused on getting 1st-degree murder for all the former officers involved.

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