Cynthia Bailey Says She's Anti Police Brutality, Not Anti Police

Cynthia Bailey Says She's Anti Police Brutality, Not Anti Police
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Cynthia Bailey wanted to set one thing straight one heer social media account and shared this post about police brutality. Check it out below. This also triggered a debate among fans - some people said that they are anti-police.

'We are not anti-police, we are anti-police brutality💯-Al Sharpton#BLM #enoughisenough,' Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone gushed over her and said: 'I'm so so proud of you keep on being a leader we need more like you,' while another follower brought up Porsha Williams who was in the streets these days as well: 'I know you all are proud of QUEEN PORSHA for keeping up her grandfather's legacy by being on the front line.'

Cynthia also made sure to post an important birthday message on her social media account amidst this whole mess.

'Happy belated birthday @famousdave87! I know I am a bit late sending you some birthday love, but in the wake of everything that is going on in the world, my thoughts & heart have been entirely focused on the #BLM movement. I know you understand completely my brother. I hope you had an amazing birthday, and I look forward to celebrating with you @thebaileywinecellar very soon. You are such a blessing to my life. Love & appreciate you always🎉❤️🎉#happybirthdaydave,' she posted.

A follower told Cynthia: '@cynthiabailey10 my husband and I met him when we came to your cellar! He was so nice and helpful! He recommended 2 kinds of wine and they were delicious! You definitely have an amazing guy working for you!'

In other news, Cynthia wants people to remember who George Floyd was amidst all the protests and the looting that are now going on in the US. She wants people not to forget the essential matters.

You should make sure to check out the post that she shared on her social media account in which she tells people who George Floyd really was.

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